The MOMS Club of Ithaca offers a wide variety of activities reflecting the varied interests of our members and children. If you should decide to join, you will be provided with a monthly calendar to keep track of all of our events.*

Below you will find a brief description of some of our regularly scheduled weekly activities. In addition, we encourage members to plan and organize events they wish to do.

*Please note – prospective members are permitted to attend two events prior to joining and paying the $30 annual dues.


Bring you little ones and meet some other local moms! Playgroups can be subdivided by children’s ages (infant, toddler, preschool) and may be held at a member’s home, a playground, park, or other age appropriate venue.

Moms Night Out

Our monthly “Moms Only” night out is where we can get together in the evening to relax and socialize. We rotate meeting spots from restaurants, movies, karaoke, or members’ homes.

Book Club

A favorite by far is our Book Club where members select a book to read and discuss monthly. We take turns selecting the next book and keep the discussion upbeat and fun. It’s always a great time to learn something new and have some great discussions, both about the book and beyond!

Community Service Projects

Community service is a frequent part of our MOMS Club. We help our own members by preparing meals and providing childcare. We help those in our community by participating in community projects or donating money to local associations that work with and for the children.

Is there another activity or program you want? Members are always welcome to suggest and organize new activities for moms and kids alike!